This. In my training, I pretty much follow Ryan’s advice. Plus, he is entertaining to watch. Check out his channel.
     On top of that, my body has undergone quite a change. My goal is not to be a bodybuilder, but to lose the weight, and get jacked.
     You don’t have to start at a fancy gym or hardcore gym. I started with fasting and one meal a day (on the days that I ate), then I jogged. Lost weight. After that, I hit a local gym. Heaviest weight was 20kgs. Not so great, especially for one arm rows. Oh well. It was cheap and filled with the elderly using the machines in funky tiny movements and at high speeds (sometimes no weight). It’s good to see them out there and moving. It’s good for them. But for fuck’s sake, share the machine, don’t sit there for ten minutes chatting to a passerby.
     Two weeks ago, I changed gyms. Now I go to Anytime Fitness and often train from 11pm to 2am. Fucking destroyed my the next day at work. But I felt fantastic. Also, I noticed a few people tweaking their exercises like Ryan shows on his channel.

     Enjoy the video about motivation (no training tips in this one).

     If you’d like to see my three day split. Let me know.

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