Ever wonder why Russia attacked the Ukraine?

So, I believed–like everyone else–that Russia attacked the Ukraine without reason. Putin wanted more land. This is possible. So, that’s what we know.

Russia has a different take. This was confirmed by Swiss NATO officer, or something like that. Watch the video. It should start at 4.00 but in case it doesn’t, watch the entire thing anyway.

You might want to remove that Ukraine flag from your bio. From further reports, the head of NATO (USA) is using Ukraine as a proxy and have sent missiles into strategic Russian sites.

From the video “Russian officials say that they consider that they are currently “at war” with NATO and the U.S. and that a nuclear war is a real possibility. This is not hyperbole. The U.S. continues to escalate war and Russia is noticing.”

Is Biden and the rest of NATO itching for world war 3? Sure, sounds like it. Fuckers. One nuclear bomb can destroy the world or radiate most of it. The radiation will travel on the wind and sweep across the world, from the US to UK to Europe to Asia to Russia to China to Japan (I’m fucked), and it will pollute the water and the food, and the soil we use to grown food.

Welcome to the Thunder Dome.

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