My sales, including, sales under the Richard Lee banner. I have retired Richard Lee. His horror books can be found here at B2R and Amazon.

Lee Pletzers books // Richard Lee books

Some titles are available in the menu link: My Books.


Neon Lights — Next Chapter Press (TBA) – cyberpunk thriller

Death World 2: Caged — Next Chapter Press (TBA) – thriller

Death World 1: Stratagem — Next Chapter Press (March 2024) – thriller

Scorched Earth — (Thriller + mild SF mix) Triskaideka Books 2020

Chaos — (Science Fantasy) SF Control — 2017

Resurrection Child — Dark Continents — 2012 (out of print)

Rage — Triskaideka Books — 2012 re-edit 2017

The Armageddon Shadow — (Horror) Panic Press 2011 (new version 2012 from Triskaideka Books)

in darkness we play Triskaideka Books 2010. 5 authors: Lori R. Lopez, E. A. Irwin, Lee Pletzers, John Irvine, Aline S. Iniestra

The Game — (TKDBooks / Paperback/) Techno-Thriller. Triskaideka Books June 2010

The Last Church — (A thriller with horror elements) BBS Press September 2009 / Re-Released by Triskaideka Books 2010

Bloodline — Writers Press LTD (out of print)


How to write a book (2023)– with pics and how to actually write a book.

No Rebound Weight Loss – Triskaideka Books (September 1, 2017)


The Ending — TKD Book, 2017. A collection of Richard Lee’s zombie tales are included here in one volume.
All are reprints. Most are for sale as singles on Kindle.

Eight Zombie Tales.

1.Final Letter
The dead are battering down the door. This is your chance to write a letter, before your end. There are only minutes before the dead get through. What would you write?

2.The Cold
There’s something in the rain. The dead arise. They are organized, military-like. They have a leader. The living refuse to stop fighting. Mike and Janet, strangers headed in the same direction will need to fight for their lives.

3.The Fountain of Youth
Success. Scientists have found the anti-aging formula. Now, the city is dead. Mack walks through the dead looking for survivors. He finds an old man and a little girl.

4.The Zombie Virus
Zombies in Space.

5.Day of the Zombie
They thought they were safe. They were wrong.

6.The Boy
A boy sits at home, terrified of the dead breaking into his home. There’s only him. Alone and afraid.

A new kind of virus. Water zombies.

8.Rage: a novelette
Experimented on, John becomes more than undead.

Editing roles:

Sinisteria Magazine: short stories edited, cleaned up
Three novels edited, one Australian, two American
Book Translation editor for Misako Middleton in Japan.

Edited Anthologies:

Masters of Horror: Damned if you Don’t 2011 out of print
Masters of Horror: The Anthology 2010 Out of Print
Demons and Shadows 1 – (SPX Press release date: 2003) Out of print
Demons and Shadows 2 – SPX Press Unreleased
Embark to Madness – (Coscom entertainment 2005) Copies may still be available. Highly unlikely. Out of print


Think Visually — issue 19 House of Horror
When the publisher crashes — e-book world magazine UK (2012)


(Sorry, this is not a complete list. I lost track of some before I got organized and then I lost track again. If you find something not listed here, please let me know. As you know I write horror, thrillers and crime, but at times I write SF, and at other times, I blend everything together.)

P — Summer Bludgeon — Unsettling Reads 2022 (crime)

Vengeance — 99 Tiny Terrors Pulse Publishing (March 23, 2022)

David and Toni — Petrified Punks Anthology, Oscillate Wildly Press AU (2018)

City of the Dead — Raging River Press (2017)

The Dark Fox — TKDBooks (singles) NZL (2017)

MindFeeders — Anemone Enemy Anthology Oscillate Wildly Press (2017)

Bio-Virus – Nebula Rift 2015 Vol 3 No. 9 — dead 404 error

Ellen – Triskaideka Single release

Cracked — TKDBooks Singles release

Quincy’s — Triskaideka Single release

Of Machines and Men (re-release) — Nebula Rift 2015 Vol. 03 No. 05 — dead 404 error. Site and magazine no longer exist. Click the link to read the story.

The Thin You — Under the Bed 2015 Vol. 03 No. 10. Re-released. Click the link to enjoy this body image gone wrong tale.

Reset — Nebula Rift 2015 Vol. 03 No. 01  — dead 404 error

Saving Kira — SFReader (1st place winner short story contest) (Update: I guess they did away with the contest version of the site. they changed it to Fiction Feature. )

The Factory — Calamities Press 2015 Read for free online. (Update; Gone).

An Exercise in White — Teeming Terrors 2015

Two Coins — Paying the Ferryman anthology by Charon Coin Press 2015 Not linked as the publisher never paid any of the authors. Now my story is available as a flip-book for FREE

Two Kinds of Animal — The Literary Hatchet 2014 (page 134) Issue 10.  

Single-minded Focus — Fragments of Fear UK TV Show 2014. This link goes to the spotlight page. I will update when the video/ TS show is online.

The Sixes (reprint) — Fragments of Fear UK TV Show 2014. This link goes to the spotlight page. I will update when the video/ TS show is online.

Not as it seems — These vampires still don’t sparkle 2014

SARAH — Bellator 2014 

Water — Disquiet 2014

The East Riders — DemiGods Board Game 2013 (commissioned story for Board game)

Ellen — The Horror Society 2013 They published the story and I never got my payment of a free copy. I hate it when publishers and editors don’t follow through with contract promises. Fuckers. (reviewer quote: Hand it to author Richard Lee: he’s not afraid to examine the outermost regions of human depravity and still make the story literate and involving enough not to be exploitative. Recommended – but again, with caution: This is horror cooked rare with the blood dripping from the plate… If you’re a drinker, you may want to pour yourself a stiff one before plunging in.)

Rage — Triskaideka Books 2012

Teeth — Triskaideka Books 2012

Email to Mother — Kizuna: Fiction for Japan 2011 (no longer available)

The Seal — Damned if you Don’t anthology 2011. Anthology is out of print, but you get enjoy my story by clicked the link.

Queen of the Dogs — I Believe in Werewolves 2011

For Flesh — DEADication 2011

Theatre of Pain — House of Horror (issue 17 and Best of 2010 Anthology) 2010

God Denied — The Fringe magazine 2010 No longer available

The In-Between World — Bloody Carnival Pill Hill Press 2010

(AKA Day of the Zombie) He iwi tahi tatou — Zombidays: Festivities of the Flesheaters 2010 Out of Print. Re-released (my title only) Click the link. Killer story

The Cold — Cold Flesh Antho Hellbound books July 05 Unavailable. Read my story here.

Teeth — Masters of Horror: The Anthology 2010

Introduction to Dead Bells Anthology edited by Jodi Lee 2010

Trickery Dances — podcast by ShadowedCast. Release date 2009

The New Slayer — Vampology 09/10

The Zombie Virus — Zombonauts 2009 / rerelease TKDBooks. BESTSELLER 2009-20010

Final Letter — Letters from the Dead 2009

Luki — 69 Flavors of Paranoia August 2009 Issue #1 (And best of 2010 anthology) One of my favs.

Genetic Coding — War Wolves 2009

Synn — Sonar4 Magazine 2009 From the Mouth Antho

The Pretender — For the Love of Monsters

Shadows — Morpheus Tales #6 (2009)

Shadow Lands — Yellow Mama (June 15 2009)

The Last Watcher — Arkham Tales 2008 – release: issue 4 2009. Rerelease TKDBooks

The Pretender — Issue Three? The Monsters Next Door 2008 (writing as Jonathon Cobolt)

A splash of Red — Little Red Riding Hood Anthology 2008 (09 release) AKA: Straying from the path No longer available anthology. Re-released. Click the link: (kickass werewolf / little red riding hood story. You will love it.)

Santa (reprint) — Twisted Twins 2008

Red Wings, Black Wings — The Open Vein 2008 issue 3

Momma’s Boy — Neonbeam 2007

Tainted Heaven — Naked Snake Press 2007

I just wanna go Home — Alone in the Dark Anthology 2007 (reprint) Darkened Dreams Press. 2008

Character Attack — A Cruel World March / April 2006.

The Fountain of Youth — Dead Men Walking anthology, Bards and Sages press, 2006.

Red moon — Vintage Moon anthology TBR

The Sixes — Thirteen Magazine UK 2005 (Winner October Issue 05) Never received the issue or the 50 pounds.

Santa — Winner of Horror World December Flash 2004

Christmas Soldier — Deathbus E- Zine December 2004 Issue.

The Cold — Cold Flesh Antho Hellbound books July 05

The Long Wait — ChimeraWorld 2 Chimericana Books

The Three Sixes — Hades 0.7 June issue 04

Deep South — Scared Naked magazine June Issue 04

With the dammed — Scrybe Press (March 2004)

Something not quite right — Nevermore online magazine

How it Comes — Lost souls online website

The Boy — Small Bites Anthology for Charles Grant.

Dogs — Raging Horrormones (Coscom Entertainment) 2004 release

three seven three — THWN: New voices in horror

Staring at the Sun — Parastorium Terrors Within

I just wanna go home — Cyberpulp Halloween antho 2001


Nefarious — Soul Engravings.

Fear — Twisted Twins