Ya think ya can jump me!

SO YOU COWARDS think you’re tough because you jumped me?? Waited for me to be alone… in front of my house??? 😡

I still handled all of you, left 3 of you on the ground laid out!! 

You’re lucky I don’t have any marks on my face. I have some on my arms and neck but so what!!!! 

I bet you didn’t expect me to swing back since it was 6 against one. I might be old but I’m not too old for this! Yeah, I’m not gonna lie I was getting tired of fighting and just wanted to go back in the house, but I kept on swinging and made sure you got yours!!!!! 

All I have to say is, you started this and I finished it. 

F☆☆k I hate mosquitoes!!!…


New Covers

 I’ve decide to use some new covers on my previously published work. After publication contracts expired or publisher went belly-up, I was able to small press publish them under Triskaideka Books NZL banner. 

My old press that I ran still has a bunch of ISBNs I can use for the new publishing endeavor. My three novels that I want to re-release are: The Game, The Last Church and The Armageddon Shadow, Scorched Earth and Chaos. The publisher is: Writersltd. 

Now, I gotta fix up Last Church and make new covers for The Game. Once I got the covers done, I’ll update the files and reupload. Once that is done, I’ll send the Legal Deposit forms. 

Over at my site: I made new covers for Death World book 1 and book 2. 

I made these just for fun. This book is undergoing a final clean up and check edit and will then wind it’s way to a few publishers I have been researching and a few agents as well. 


The Dream

I had an awesome dream early this morning. I told it to my wife who started a web search on dream meanings. I shrugged and took the dogs for a walk. 

Just before I left, she told me of her dream–but I forgot that one. 

My dream was (as I have already stated) fracking awesome. It was horror based. 

So, in the dream, my wife said, “There’s a well in old people’s town, that the doggies can swim in.” 

I said, “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

Wifey got upset. And went on and on and on about it, so I relented and took the doggies to the well. It’s after midnight. We find the well outside someone’s house. The wife is now happy. (Dream Logic at work.)

Wolfie hates water and won’t go near the well, but Trixie is fine. My wife takes Wolfie to the car. They both sit inside watching us. 

I pick Trixie up with the harness on, and lower her into the water. Along the inside walls of the well are planks of wood at odd angles. I realize that these planks can be used for humans to climb out. That was smart. 

Time passes. (Again Dream Logic.)

Trixie has had enough and wants out. I reach down but she is just out of reach. Using the leash, I pull her over to the planks. Her leash is attached to a harness, and I hoist her up to the first plank. Her feet find it. Golden Retrievers can be smart. Trixie goes into panic mode. I reach down and she is still JUST out of reach. 

I hear the front door open. An old Japanese man yells at me (I live in Japan), and he starts smacking me in the head and back with a wooden bat. Hurts like fuck, but I block the pain in an effort to get my dog out of the well. 

My vision goes red as his bat cracks my head, splits skin. He is slamming the back of my legs. Blood runs over the left side of my face. 

I reach Trixie by pulling up the leash. She in my arms and I lift her out and gently put her on the ground. She bolts to the car. 

I turn to the old man. Rage boiling, and I grab him around the throat with one hand, hoist him up and charge full-speed into the side the of house. Everything in his body breaks and I drop him to the ground. 

Looking at the crumpled sack of meat, I deliver a swift kick. I turn to the car. It’s not there. WTF! I turn to the house. And enter. 

It’s a mess of old newspapers and horded toilet paper. Old seats and a rickety table. Old man smell.  I open draws and in the third drawer, fourth, fifth drawers, I find bundles of cash. Bundles and bundles of cash. I use two plastic bags, fill them up and head out. 

I put the bags of cash down and hoist the old man over my shoulders and toss him inside the house. I rip up paper and spool out rolls and rolls of toilet paper and drop a match. The house goes up in flames. 

Somehow, I get home with the two bags of cash and the wife is livid. 

And I wake up. 

First thought: Fuck.  

Second thought: Cool. 

Key points: Water, man, blood, death, money, fire. 







The art of writing

 I’ll start with this:

Read, read, read. Read everything–trash, classics, good and bad, and see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master. Read! You’ll absorb it.

Then write. If it’s good, you’ll find out. If it’s not, throw it out of the window.





I was on the recieving end of many of these hits. Even got dumped on my head twice. Once my neck swelled and turned purple. That was worrisome. Back on the field two weeks later.
That was also my last season. It was starting to get out of hand.
Several fist fights every match. Players knocked unconscious. Blood. Flying teeth.
It’s all fun and games until you turn forty, and all those hits, and injuries come back to fucking haunt you.


You’ve NEVER Seen a Fight Like This! Mohammed Jaraya vs. Nordin Ben Moh

I didn’t intend to post this on my Thriller blogger but I don’t have a personal blog any longer. I got tired of a bucket load of hits and zero interaction. 
This is kickboxing at its finest. I was out of my seat on the third round. 


Sometimes you gotta stop

I’ve been going over my book a lot. It is after all my first Crime Thriller. I wrote a new beginning, showing our hero doing normal world stuff, added a few paragraphs here and there to refresh memories of absent characters that will reappear. It’s been edited, reedited and pro(?)-edited. Rewritten, added to and cut. 

There comes a time when you have to just let it be. 

Send that kid out into the world. Even though it’s book 1 of 2, it has to fly on it’s own merit as a complete stop with one hell of a cliffhanger. 

I have spent the morning looking for an assessor to go through the book and while that is happening, I can get a head start on book 2. In fact, I’ve already started doing that. 

Scrivener was my writing app of choice for a long time. But my old 2gb MacbookAir can’t support version 3, so instead of using version 2.9 (really slow on my Mac), I have decided to use online writing apps, so I can write from anywhere on any available machine.  

I rewrote the opening to Death World using that was pretty good. However, as I started to write book 2, I feared the site might disappear. Sites come and go. So, I needed something secure and reliable that’s been around for a long time. Also, The Quill doesn’t have any contact details. No email or anything. 


Now, I am using Reedsy I recommend the site. It’s simple to use. You cam collaborate. Find an editor. Many things. Even publish through their partner. I won’t as I’m looking for a traditional publisher. Easy access is easy to hire an editor. 


UPDATE 2019 / SEPT / 23

I now write in Pages. 

And edit on OneDrive Word. (So I can edit on multiple devices.) 



The Haka – New Zealand WW1 Short Film | izakariah


Crime writers week round up

It was brilliant. I think they are planning a horror week next. 

Some of the days recorded events can be found on YouTube. 

Day 2: Of the three events, one 2 were of interest. As I had work the next morning, I watched the replays and really enjoyed “editing with ProWritingAid”, although I have edited a book with the program there seems to be more options that I wasn’t aware of how to use. 

Day 3:  On this day, I only wanted to see: Thriller Writer Panel Discussion (12 PM ET / 5 PM UK). And it was a real blast. Some insightful thoughts and a barrel of laughs. 

Day 4: There were 5 events. I wanted to see all of them but missed a couple (lucky there were all recorded and placed online). I did see: How to Market Your Self-Published Crime Novel. I’m not planning of self publishing but still got a few good tips/ideas. 

The Interview with Fiona Cummins was great as well. I especially liked (and can relate to) her editor asking if she was writing crime or a horror. She said, crime and was faced with 9 chapters rewritten.

Day 5 was only for premium users of ProWritingAid. That’s me.

The Three Stages of Editing Your Crime Manuscript 

Presented by: Hayley Milliman, ProWritingAid’s Head of Education

As nice as it would be, writing your crime novel isn’t over when you type “The End.” In fact, the actual work is just beginning. During the editing process, your novel will go from rough first draft to thrilling final manuscript. In this workshop, Hayley will walk you through the most important edits you should make to your manuscript to ensure it’s publish-ready.

And I ended with: An interview with Peter James. Peter James has become synonymous with plot-twisting page-turners, and has won over 40 awards for his work and achieved 17 Sunday Times Bestsellers to date. Learn from the master what it takes to write gripping crime novels that keep readers hooked.

Slightly geeking out. I loved Host. He spoke of how his first four published books barely sold. And he kept working a full time job. Then he wrote a crime novel and started living the dream. I’ve had 6 novels published and also made the switch from horror to crime. 

So, all in all, a fantastic week. I’m looking forward to coming genre weeks (not romance–I’ll skip that one. lol). 

ProWritingAid  aff link. 

Free writing apps and tools

Free grammar checker here.    



Late 2019, my wife and I were approached by performance company to translate Rakugo plays for a New York audience. It wasn’t as easy as I first thought. You see, Rakugo is a very traditional art form of story telling. There’s a man (or woman) sitting on his/her knees, telling a story. Usually funny. Rarely scary. The stories were developed in the Edo period (1603–1868). 

The New York performance was cancelled due to Covid-19. It was also cancelled for this year as well. But the students (performers all 55+ years old) had practiced for a year. Most do not speak any English. They did a good job. 

I say Rakugo play because this wasn’t a traditional performance. There were 8 or 9 people and they acted the story. There were also some songs and dance routines. But they made them funny. It’s hard to explain the actual performance as a bit of Japanese ancient culture knowledge is required. They did have a lady standing to one side to introduce the story, with a bit of the background on the times. 

The play used traditional Rakugo stories and it was broadcast on YouTube Live for 2000yen. 1000yen for archive version. Sorry, I have no photos. It was live and I was LOL with the wife. 

That was my Sunday. How was yours?