Light speed

Traveling at the speed of light is something scientists have been working on for years and years. The EM Drive was touted as the way to travel. It’s awesome. But scientists have now discovered a new way to travel light speed.

How fast is light speed? 186,282 miles per second. That’s about 3 seconds to the sun. Hot stuff.

Tech Space shared a video, you might find interesting:


Holy Shit

In the comments section people are lamblasting the guy for filming and not helping. The accident was ongoing, if he ran down to help he’d be putting himself in danger. Also, no one blasted the people in the background also standing and filming/watching.

Watch it above in Instagram or below vai a free recorder:


In a magazine

Cinema Australia ran an article on a movie I’m producing with writer/director/friend Hamish Downie and Sestasial Bec, people I know in RL. I guess the article was written as two major stars just wrapped recording.

Here’s a screen shot.

copyright Cinema Australia

This is the third time I’ve been mentioned in a magazine. Also twice in a newspaper for theatrical performances and a third for helping repair the local theatre. That’s my claim to fame.


British Publishers Self Censor to Maintain Ties with China

I understand the costs involved, I used to be a publisher doing everything traditionally until the costs were unrealistic. China is cheaper. I didn’t consider China as warehousing was also very expensive. Print on Demand (POD) is much cheaper, and (apart from formatting) free to upload on several platforms. Simple these days. But I am no longer a publisher.

My career path is the arts: Writer — Self Publisher (where I mastered the book skills to self publish) — Traditional Publisher — POD Publisher (didn’t take off, so I used it to re-release previously (small press) published novels and stories) — Writer.

The price of books in NZ is not cheap like it used to be. Books are $30+ (WTF?!?) unless discounted. (example)

Photo by Ajay Suresh

According to the Financial Times, two British publishing houses are removing content the CCP might find offensive, just so they can save on publishing costs meant for western distribution. Octopus Books and Quarto deleted references to Taiwan and Hong Kong and changed character nationalities, changing Taiwanese to “East Asian.”

These changes were made as the printers said the law disallows them to print such material.

There are alternate printing locations that are used, but price pressures prevent relocating entire cataloges.

These big companies always have shareholders, who must be satisfied and by satisfied, I mean: more profit.



My wife is an instructor. Together we practiced a song/dance that she has to do as instructor. I’m giving moral support.

And to show we weren’t just fucking about; below is the real practice we did before messing about:


Tesla model Pi 2022

I hope this is real news and I can get one. One of the questions I have heard is: will the phone have a sim card? My answer is: Probably not, as it is rumored to have a direct link to Starlink. The Ukraine is employing Starlink technology now to stay connected to the Internet (according to news sources).

There is a lot of info online and on YouTube and I don’t want to regurgitate it here. I’ll just link to some sources I found.

If this phone is real, I’ll be one of the first to line up and purchase. Just like the Tesla I’d like to buy. I like the idea of Nuralink, using thoughts instead of actually typing. Foe example, open YouTube and the app opens. I do hope I can download some apps I use daily like Line, FB, IG, Twitter.

My wife asked a good question: How much is the monthly fee?

Also, side note, I got the above image from Twitter @pi_314_NEG. On their account info is: E-mobility with use of #NeutrinoEnergy Technology. Permanent power supply by converting #radiation into electricity. No radius restrictions. Continuous driving. Really? Damn. Is this a thing?

Tesla links:

Business news site


PhoneReview24 (English is a bit iffy on some of their reports)

Mobilkhoga (the battery charging info conflicts with all other reports. The phone supposedly has solar power. So power charging not required.



Nukes as a deterrent

Japan needs nukes, like North Korea got nukes, that they test. They’re not that reliable, but improving day by day. They often shoot missiles over Japan. If one was a nuclear armed and a miscalculation or malfunction occurred knocking it out of the sky, and it hit Osaka or Tokyo, killing millions, how would Japan react? With a strongly worded letter?

Former PM Abe agrees with me. The Japanese government needs to grow a pair, notice that the world is in crisis and that, as an island, it is vulnerable to attack.

Also, we need nuclear power plants.

I spoke to a plant designer, whose job in Japan disappeared after the 2011 March meltdown of an extremely old (50 years in use and the back-up systems never checked or tested–surprised they failed?) power plant. It was meant to have been shut down many years ago but the TEPCO big wigs wanted to save money and resisted shutting it down. Look what happened.

The nuclear plant designer said, they had plans that could safely withstand a powerful earthquake.

Japan still has 33 reactors in commission while proposals, planning or construction have started on an additional eleven according to data by the World Nuclear Association


Bad Idea Jeans

Love this commercial. It’s old, but still brings a laugh.

Thoughts on stuff


Is US President Biden itching to start the third world war? It looks that way. I doubt Putin wants to start a third world war but he won’t back down from one.

I just finished an article from Journal Posts site about Nostradamus (link) and his predictions on WW3. There weren’t much in the way of Nostra-man but the article is brilliant and a fun read.

In one part the writer states:

The government has a way of blinding us and dividing us without us even noticing. America seems like its weakening but is it really? We know the United States reach extends around the world. The NSA knows exactly what everybody is doing. Is a country that is able to do that unnoticed for so many years really that weak or is it just what they want to portray, luring their enemies in, making them threaten the US until the US has a reason to go to war? Are we all blindly being led into World War 3? You decide.

Journal Posts

And then there is is:

The most likely scenario involves a small war with Russia, bogging down American military resources at a crucial time when economic collapse is causing global social breakdown and every major power takes advantage of the chaos by invading and annexing whatever they want. If China simultaneously makes aggressive moves in East Asia, ignoring American forces that are conveniently busy – but taking whatever land China wants, (Taiwan, etc.) what would America do? And if Russia does the same thing in Eastern Europe, and Iran and Turkey and other nations all go on the warpath simultaneously, America can not police the world while the economy and the social order collapse at home, especially if already in a war with even a minor opponent that stretches limited resources.

I can see this happening. If China gets Taiwan, then next would be Okinawa and following that, the Senkaku Islands.


The street so haunted you had to sign a waiver to move there


Header media

Manchester News MEN@MENnewsdesk

The street so haunted you had to sign a waiver to move there Malevolent spirits were said to haunt Wingates Grove in England for years – forcing a local church to get involved and perform an exorcism. These days, there are no reports of ghostly activity on the street, though the experiences of one resident are enough to put us off. Do you believe in the paranormal? Let us know in the poll at the end

Video via @MENnewsdesk

Here’s a link to the full article: Click me.

Video link here: Video is on Twitter.