Scorched Earth

“Scorched Earth” ignites the imagination, weaving a potent dystopian tapestry that deftly spans two tumultuous timelines. Within its pages, you’ll find a gripping narrative that explores the intricate web of love, the ravages of war, the intensity of hate, and the unyielding tenacity of survival.

Heading home, IT specialist Craig Buffett, steps out of an elevator and into a forest thirty years in the future. He encounters a world foreign to him. Vast, devastated land reaches to the horizon, littered with broken glass and twisted metal. 

In this twisted landscape, genetically engineered creatures roam freely, sustaining themselves on the lifeblood of humanity. A youth elixir that lives up to its promise. And a cosmic rift under the dominion of a power-hungry, megalomaniacal military commander.

In a relentless pursuit to return home, Craig adapts to the unfamiliar realm, embracing his core purpose and innate humanity. Buried deep within, he summons the strength to rise and undertake the imperative mission of preventing this grim future from unfolding.

eBook and Paperback.