Death World

This book is looking for an agent or publisher. The image is something I whipped up on Canva to make the page look pretty. 

This book would appeal to fans of Lee Child,  David Baldacci, Harlan Coben, Lisa Jewell, Gregg Hurwitz, Joe Ide, Barry Eisler, Sarah Pinborough, Peter James (many), R. R. Haywood (all), J. A. Konrath, recently Ruth Ware (One by One) and Sarah Lotz.

Japan is a fascinating place, but it also has a very dark side.

On holiday, James Ray witnesses a Yakuza assassination that results in him also taking a bullet. Doctored video and evidence lock him into six unsolved murders. He is arrested and tossed in prison. For the police it’s an open and shut case. 

Stuck in a penitentiary-run hospital, with the cards stacked against him, James takes the matter into his own hands. There are clues throughout the shooting. He needs to do his job: investigate. 

Forced to make a deal with the CIA, James steps into the world of illegal arms sales and human trafficking.  It’s an arrangement with world-changing consequences that exposes a connection to an old case he worked in New Zealand. 

Can James prove his innocence and get his life back, or will the underbelly of society destroy him?

Book 2 is starting to build up in my head. 

Rediscovering himself, a kiwi PI must go against the Russian and Japanese mafia to save the woman he loves.