Death World

A publisher has picked up this book. 

Do you love Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp, and Mark Greaney’s Gray Man? How about:  David Baldacci, R. R. Haywood and Sarah Lotz?

If so, then Death World is a book for you

Japan is a fascinating place, but it also has a dark side. Hidden deep underground, it sometimes bubbles to the surface.

On holiday, James Ray’s world is shattered when he witnesses a Yakuza assassination, narrowly escaping death. His nightmare is far from over. Branded a killer, he is accused of six murders and framed with doctored video and damning evidence, pitting the system against him.

In the shadows of a penitentiary hospital, James strikes a deal with the CIA and plunges into the dark underbelly of illegal arms sales and human trafficking.

Racing against the clock to clear his name, can James outwit his enemies and prove his innocence, or will the underbelly of society destroy him?

Book 2 is currently being written.  

Rediscovering himself, a kiwi PI must go against the Russian and Japanese mafia to save the woman he loves.

Vengeance comes with a high price tag, and James Ray is about to pay dearly. Kidnapped by the Yakuza and subjected to a brutal memory wipe within the confines of an abandoned warehouse, he is abandoned in Russia, dressed as a homeless man. He wanders the dangerous streets of a Russian winter. He finds shelter with a woman claiming to be his wife.

As he heals, flashes of his past return. He breaks free of this false reality and stumbles upon the 108 Angels, a shadowy group involved in human trafficking; and linked to the assassination that started this chapter in his life.