Death World

This book is looking for an agent or publisher. The image is something I whipped up on Canva to make the page look pretty. 

Do you love Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp, and Mark Greaney’s Gray Man? How about:  David Baldacci, R. R. Haywood and Sarah Lotz?

If so, then Death World is a book for you

Japan is a fascinating place, but it also has a very dark side.

On holiday, James Ray witnesses a Yakuza assassination that results in him also taking a bullet. Doctored video and evidence lock him into six unsolved murders. He is arrested and tossed in prison. For the police it’s an open and shut case. 

Stuck in a penitentiary-run hospital, with the cards stacked against him, James takes the matter into his own hands. There are clues throughout the shooting. He needs to do his job: investigate. 

Forced to make a deal with the CIA, James steps into the world of illegal arms sales and human trafficking.  It’s an arrangement with world-changing consequences that exposes a connection to an old case he worked in New Zealand. 

Can James prove his innocence and get his life back, or will the underbelly of society destroy him?

Book 2 is starting to build up in my head. 

Rediscovering himself, a kiwi PI must go against the Russian and Japanese mafia to save the woman he loves.