The Last Church

Riding lightning he will arrive.

The future is not a utopia. The year is 2368, and life in New Zealand is bleak. The landscape all but destroyed by environmental disaster, and an alien attack.

The survivors are forced to retreat into the safety of a massive dome and the world is run by one president. Things are easier in the future. Ordering clothes, food, transportation, but amongst all the glamour is a dark side, hidden in the shadows but open for anyone to see — if they looked.  

The world is edging towards WW4 with the German-Arabian Front leading the conflict.

But life goes on. Especially for university students studying archaeology with a government issued pass into the wasteland. Rachael needs to uncover the truth about the past. It’s an act that will change her life and destroy all she loves.

What follows is an earth-shattering race against time as Rachael and the Order of the Black Snake battle against the arrival of Satan, in a world aching for hope but teetering on the edge of madness.

This book is about a post-apocalyptic world dealing with the rise of Satan, the decline of Christianity and the power of myth.