Poor Bloggy

I haven’t had much time for Blogging this past month. Sorry about that. I’ve been getting a lot of lessons at work recently. Keeping me at the school for up to 13 hours a day. It’s better than having no work. Right?

I’m on my final edit of Death World. I’m line editing and finding heaps of shit I missed. Like bad grammar. Poor word choice. Stuff like that.

The spare tire around my waist has turned into a truck tire, so I’m fasting (I wrote a book on it) and I continue to body build. Last night I finished of my tub of protein. This liquid wonder is WAY to expensive now, so I won’t be purchasing again until the prices come down. In my experience, that doesn’t happen. Once the price is up, it usually stays that way. Even with lowered production and ingredients costs.

Listening to old school metal
Loving The Rookie. I like everything Nathan Fillion is in.
Just watched Top Gun : Maverick. It was fucking awesome.
The Last Day by Andrew Hunter Murray.

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