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I love how he says: Hate boner.


This used to be true for independent writers as well. Things have changed — not a lot, but it’s getting better.

Maybe the music industry will change as well.

This is Adam’s two cents:


Mystery, Thriller, and Crime Novels: What’s the Difference?

While closely related, crime novels, mystery novels, and thrillers are not synonymous genres. Each has its own idiomatic characteristics and attracts a specific audience.

What Are the Elements of a Crime Novel?
3 Popular Crime Subgenres

The 6 Elements of a Mystery Novel?

5 Popular Mystery Subgenres

What Are the Elements of a Thriller Novel?

4 Popular Thriller Subgenres

To read about all these categories, you need to pop over to a Masterclass website (linked below) to read the 5 minute article.



You don’t want this. 

Get an antivirus.

I can’t believe they named a virus Emo. 


How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes | Adam Leipzig | TEDxMalibu

This is a must watch video. Do you know what you wanna do with your life? My wife worked it out two years ago and put a plan into action at the age of 52 (back then) to be a kids English teacher. My wife can find joy in almost everything, even meeting hew people. She sometimes laughs when they introduce themselves. She’s bursting with joy. She’s very very VERY social. People sometimes give her a strange looks when can’t contain herself and laughs at introductions. I know why. You do too, now. 

My wife found her life’s purpose by accident. 
I knew my life’s purpose at age eight (when I stopped drawing and started writing) but never really put a plan into action. I wrote many short stories but New Zealand didn’t have much of a market (actually it had none) for the horror stories I wrote. This was in the late 80’s and 90’s before the Internet opened wide. 
Thanks to the Internet, I sold my first short story in 2001. Writer’s groups were all over the place, and I meet many fantastic people. I started my own Ning group with over 600 members about half were active and posted daily. I closed the group when Ning moved to a pay service. 
So, I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I should have been more hard on myself. And now, I’m 50. I’ve had 6 novels published, sold 77 short stories and I have a mortgage and a job and I struggle to make ends met. Like most writers / people. 
I think about writers like Peter James. I linked his Wikipedia page. And other writers who have done amazingly well with their dreams and desires. 
Not sure why I didn’t reach the top, but I’ve come to terms with that. 
Watching this video, I realized maybe I haven’t identified my audience as I thought. 
Watch the video below. 

My answer: 

The five points:
1) Lee
2) Writer
3) Readers
4) Escape
5) Hope or satisfaction 
Q: Lee, what do you do? 
A: I show other people that any adversary can be overcome. 
Q: How do you do that?
A: Through my writing. 
What about you? 

Tucker: This is what we should be worried about

Love him or hate him, I think he is right. The clips plays from 4.20, or it should do according to YouTube. If not, please skip forward to 4.20.

I have heard this theory before. It’s nothing new. But with Russia controlling Europe’s energy of oil and gas (that Biden gave them but shutting down the Keystone pipeline and letting Russia continue to build their pipeline) the wealth goes to them. Russia has already erased the US dollar from their holdings. China is working on it. Albeit slowly.  
What would happen if the major countries of the world decided the Chinese yuan was more powerful than the US dollar. I think, if that happened, 21 trillion dollars of debt would be instantly called. The USA would be bankrupt. That would start WW3 or China would forgive the debt and the usa would be called Beijing America.  


Well done, Russell Brand

Durham says techies linked to the Clinton campaign had access to White House and Trump Tower internet data.

I remember in 2020, all the media outlets were asking, Where is this Durham report? No one’s seen it.
I’m paraphrasing. But now it’s here, the media won’t touch it. Interesting. 
I wonder if Google will keep this blog post up? 

From the wall street journal:

From Russel Brand: 

reference: wall street journal

And the winner is…

So, some people know I run a tiny English school here in Japan. It’s not a professional school yet and only runs a few days a week. Both my wife and I teach. If the kids come, they donate a nominal fee, if they don’t, well, no fee. 

We ran a draw for one of the kids to win a lucky dried squid cracker. All entered, and I drew the winner this evening. 

Congrats Rio! 
A nominal fee is a payment or purchase price like any other fee. However, the use of the word “nominal” implies that the fee is small in comparison to the true value of what you can purchase with it. 




Bummer. No more American Nightmare on AEW

That’s what you get when fans boo the founder who refused to turn heel.

Here’s a link to the full story:

Thanks Cody and Brandi.

Please don’t go back to WWE. 

Remember how they / when they fired you.


Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness | Official T…

Looks damn good. Come on May 6th. Hopefully it will be released not long after in Japan. 



 What a brilliant series. If you haven’t seen it yet, jump on to Prime and watch it for free. 

I did an online (google) search hoping for a fourth series as there were too many dangling ends.