Report Reveals South American Countries Emptying Prisons To Send Criminals To United States

Since Joe Biden was installed in the office nearly two years ago, his ‘open border’ policies have allowed 4.9 million illegal aliens, or about the entire population of Ireland, to cross into the US.

It seems those thugs pushing our nation’s record crime streak are having good news today. They can take a much-needed break because Biden is bringing in fresh reinforcements.

According to a new report by the Department of Homeland Security that the Venezuelan government has been emptying its overcrowded prisons and releasing many convicted criminals, who are heading for the wide-open U.S.-Mexico border.

In fact, Rep. Troy Nehls (R-Texas) tweeted that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has confirmed that Venezuela is dumping its prisoners, some of them violent, onto our southern border, where they saunter into the U.S.

“DHS confirms that Venezuela empties prisons and sends violent criminals to our southern border,” Nehls tweeted. “President Trump warned us about this years ago.”

Impeachment of Joe Biden, Article 1: Failure to secure the national border.

More details of this exclusive report from Breitbart:

The intelligence report warns agents the freed prisoners have been seen within migrant caravans traveling from Tapachula, Mexico toward the U.S.-Mexico border as recently as July. The source, not authorized to speak to the media, told Breitbart Texas the move is reminiscent of a similar action taken by Cuban dictator Fidel Castro during the Mariel boat lift in the 1980s.

The report does not specify that the release of the convicts — understanding they would head to the United States — could be a purposeful geopolitical move specifically intended to impact U.S. national security. Another information gap cited in the report acknowledges the unknown role the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN), Venezuela’s equivalent to the CIA, may have played in the deliberate releases.

The source says the task of identifying Venezuelans who have criminal records in their home country is nearly impossible. Of the thousands of Venezuelan migrants surrendering along the U.S.-Mexico border daily, most, according to the source, are being released into the United States. Without effective diplomatic relations with Venezuela, the source says access to criminal databases in that country simply does not exist.

“Unless we apprehend someone who voluntarily tells us they have committed a violent crime in Venezuela, we can only guess and that doesn’t work well,” the source told Breitbart. “They will more than likely be released.”

The source says it is unknown how many have already been released into the interior of the United States to pursue asylum.

This is exactly what I have been warning about 👇 We are being exploited at Biden’s chaotic purposeful border policy by all our adversaries. Not just Venezuela but China with Fentanyl using the cartels as their proxies – among others. Thanks for confirming. Now what @POTUS ?

— Sara A. Carter (@SaraCarterDC) September 18, 2022

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Sheriff and man shot from back of cruiser


Oklahoma deputy and civilian shot by woman who escaped handcuffs

Shocking police video obtained by the Grady County Sheriff’s Office / BODY CAMS+ /TMX shows a woman slipping out of her handcuffs, grabbing a police rifle and shooting out the back of a patrol car, injuring a deputy and a bystander.


The best pride fight ever

I love UFC, Pride, KI and all those, but this fight kicks balls


9 ball / pool

I used to play 9 ball here in Japan. I still have my cues but no chance to play any more. The club I played for changed to darts and a few months later, they shut down.

I had a Japanese ranking wat back in 2002/2003. I stopped playing then due to a disagreement with the club owner.

I was a fan (still am) of Efren Reyes.


Political correctness and social Marxism

In the United States today, the White population (not including Hispanics) is 57.8%. In real life, Caucasians are still in the majority, but now on TV and the Internet, they are swept under the rug like trash. Blacks comprise 14% of the U.S. population but appear in 50% of commercials. White actors now appear to promote health insurance, gold, loans, and some medicines. Moreover, if a White person appears in a commercial, he/she is usually old, sick, a freak, or at the very least, an appendage to a Black partner. If there’s a doctor on the screen, he’s usually Black, while the patient is usually White. Caucasian young men appear in only 4% of the commercials! If some aliens began to study the population of Planet Earth through our TV commercials they would have a somewhat distorted picture of Americans, to put it mildly.

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source: American Thinker


Co-pilot who exited plane without parachute at 3,500

A co-pilot who mysteriously exited a small plane without a parachute 3,500 feet above North Carolina on July 29 was “visibly upset” about a prior hard landing and “apologized” before departing the aircraft, according to a preliminary National Transportation Safety Board report, WRAL-TV said.

The body of Charles Hew Crooks, 23, was found in a Fuquay-Varina backyard hours after the pilot-in-command landed the plane at Raleigh-Durham International Airport that same day, the station said.

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source; The Blaze


Japanese government tells young people to drink more booze

They didn’t tell me. Oh, I’m not considered “young” anymore. LOL.

From The Blaze:

The Japanese have been drinking much less on average, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whereas in 1995, a person would on average consume roughly 26 gallons a year, that amount fell to 19.8 gallons in 2020. Since 1.7% of Japan’s tax revenue derives from taxes on alcohol, this drop in alcohol consumption is regarded by the country’s National Tax Agency as a problem. Less drinking means less revenue — a fact the NTA finds hard to swallow with the country facing a $348 billion deficit.

The Japan Times reported that Japan’s liquor tax revenue experienced a historic drop in 2020, falling by nearly $812 million. The pandemic’s impact on restaurants and bars that would otherwise have served alcohol is said to be partly to blame.

The NTA also believes social factors to have been responsible. Those who began to work from home are believed to have begun questioning “whether they need to continue the habit of drinking with colleagues to deepen communication.”

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WOW! Tucker Carlson Has Gone Completely Scorched Earth!

I like Tucker Carlson and Foix news, sports and entertainment. Gutfield is the number one talk show in the US. I love it too. I watch it on YouTube.

Tucker’s shop is second on my list for daily watching. I watched his take on the Mar-a-lago raid. IMHO he didn’t go scorched earth (the title of my latest novel), he was upset, unhappy, worried, disappointed and a host of other adjectives. Like most of the US public when they saw this. CNN, MSNBC, etc tried to spin it and painted Donald Trump in the worst light possible.

But it had the opposite affect.

Here’s the Fox video.


Woman Killed By Umbrella In Insane Freak Accident…..

Who knew beach umbrellas were so deadly? I’ve seen many flying around the beach who owners in chase. Usually, they are tumbling end over end — not flying like a spear.

A beachgoer was killed on Wednesday after an ocean side umbrella came free and speared her in the chest, said.

The umbrella was blown from its mooring by the breeze around 12.40pm and hit Tammy Perreault while she was at a Garden City ocean side in South Carolina, coroner Tamara Willard told media sources.

Perreault, 63, passed away about an hour after the fact at the hospital from the chest injury, Willard said.

A woman battles with her umbrella.

Beach side umbrellas have a spiked finish to assist with driving them into the sand and their wide shade permits them to become involved with areas of strength for an in the event that they are not moored as expected, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission said.

The government organization gauges around 3,000 individuals are harmed by ocean side umbrellas consistently.

The US representatives Tim Kaine and Mark Warner of Virginia requested that the wellbeing organization survey security rules for ocean side umbrellas and begin a safety campaign after a Virginia lady was killed by an umbrella in 2016.


The fish steals the show

Watched yet another Why Files on YouTube. This one is about Atlantis and the pole shifts. Apparently, New Zealand will be the safest place as it will rise, while other countries like Japan will sink. UK with break off and sink. Check it out:

Atlantis World War Pole Shift | The Terrifying Predictions of Edgar Cayce