Geo-politics is tricky

Never blindly accept the mainstream media news. Listen or read alternative sites. Then, if you’re not too lazy, research. Not using Google that blocks or hides anything that doesn’t make them money (I have no issue with that, money gets us shit we want or need), but use Duck Duck Go ( and double check what Clayton says.

I did. I found:

Ukraine “has been bombing its own people for eight years”? (LINK)

20 Minutes was able to verify, the translation of the woman wearing the helmet is accurate.

An old lady from Donetsk [separatist region in eastern Ukraine] saw her neighbour’s house hit by a shell today!

And explains that Ukraine has been bombing its own people for eight years!!

This is why Russia decided to intervene.

This meaningful publication, accompanied by a video, has been shared several thousand times on social networks since its publication on March 3rd.

In the video, a Frenchwoman who wears a helmet marked “press” translates the words of an old lady.

“She sends the message to Macron not to support the Ukrainians, because for eight years this is what we have been experiencing.

The man present on the video, presumably the son of the old lady, assures – still according to the translation – that “in this conflict, it is the two parties who are guilty”.

Ukrainian strikes targeting civilians in separatist regions are precisely the accusations the Kremlin is making to justify its offensive.

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Now you can see non-English news…

(Note: I have rearranged, and corrected some parts of the article. Read the original article at the link noted above)

And there’s this about the pipeline:

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