Did Shieldmaidens really exist

In his Danish History, the medieval scholar Saxo Grammaticus describes Viking women who “dressed themselves to look like men, and devoted almost every instant of their lives to the pursuit of war.”

These vicious shieldmaidens “offered war rather than kisses” and “assailed men with their spears whom they could have melted with their looks.”

By Gina Dimuro | Checked By John Kuroski
Published December 22, 2017
Updated July 26, 2019

If Shieldmaidens existed why is there so little written about them? The Vikings did have a writing system. There are stories that are passed down through the generations of these beautiful women that could make enemies crumble at the knees from their sheer beauty, but instead these maidens preferred to slash and pillage alongside their countrymen.

Legend says the real Lagertha was in fact a Viking shieldmaiden and was the ruler of Norway. The legends do confirm she was once the wife of the famous Viking King, Ragnar Lodbrok.

This site has a good rundown on the maidens and also includes links to other female warriors, including Onna Bugeisha.

Recommendation: Watch Northman. It’s brilliant.

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