Lie in Deathworld – Update 1

My first ever crime thriller, which is looking for an agent, is now on hold of agent hunting. I ran it through pro writing aid and noticed a few fuck ups, that I kept missing. So, I hunted for an editor. Most are way out of my COVID-19 affected wallet. Luckily, I stumbled across a lady who edits for her own pleasure (I guess) and charges an agreeable amount. It’s a proofread and should catch what I missed. That being said, not all edits are prefect and I’m going to need to go through it again.

I’ve also redone the cover and adjusted the title. I’m looking for legacy publishing more than self publishing, but it’s always nice to have a cover just for the hell of it. The covers were made using “Canva”, as my old software Corel Paintshop Pro, no longer works for some reason. Also, Canva is pretty easy. Here’s a canva aff link so we both can earn points for premium content.  hahahaha. 

Let me know which one you like:






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