Day Trip

Went to Amano Hashidate, the bridge in the sky.

What are the other beauty spots?

We took our dogs with us, which limited the places we could go. Some dog friendly zones were only for small, tiny dogs. Not a full Shiba Ken and a Golden Retriever.

These images are from my Instagram ( @threeand10 ) all with side notes on what is happening.

It took us 5 hours to get there because of this:

One hour and zero movement

We exited the highway ASAP and took the back roads. This gave us lots of cool, mostly unknown, things to see. Unfortunately, the car we were following didn’t stop. Not even for souvenirs–which is the DONE THING in Japan. You go somewhere, and the day after your return you give a gift from the place you visited.

Not this time.

And the wife told a few neighbors about the trip. One even visited this morning to give us a gift of their trip the other day. Whoops.

There are a few videos on Instagram. Check it out if you want. I usually follow back, but not always.

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