A Nightmare so terrifying you could pit a mask on it and call it Jason.

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So, yesterday, I finished the line edit of Death World. Over the last few months I have started writing book 2. It is a duology. I have been using Pages on my iPad pro.

I emailed the latest section to myself. Ch 5 and 6. I checked the other files as one does and I found ch 1, one paragraph of ch 2, no ch 3 or ch 4. I know I wrote them, I remember the sections. I started to freak out, as one does. Rewriting over 20,000 words is a real demotivator. I’ve done it before, way back in ’93 when the motherboard died on my IBM and in ’98 when my 20,000 yen laptop from somewhere gave up the ghost. Both times, I had back ups on 5.5 inch and 1.4 inch floppy drives. No one could get the files clean. They were corrupted. Truthfully, I think the company used different software.

Anyway. Not being able to find the files was driving me nuts. I found the back ups — a whole pile of them — not one of them were the missing files.

Panic set in. I searched my computer, found the same damn files.

Defeated, I collapsed in my chair.

I decided to get to work and clicked Goggle Drive, but clicked One Drive by mistake. It opened in files and there was a file called BK2. In the other files of these same name, only the above chapters were available. As I scrolled down, ch 2 was there in all it’s glory. Ch 3, 4, 5, 6 as well.

So, apparently, I was backing up on One Drive or writing directly to One Drive, as I still can’t find the original files.

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